Bobs Big Boy Book

Relive Car Hops and Double-decker Burgers with New Collectibles Guide

Remember the days of car hops and double-decker hamburgers? If you do then you are probably familiar with the Bob’s Big Boy restaurant chain that started in Glendale, California by Bob Wian. In 1936, Wian took a mere $350 investment and used it to start a restaurant chain that would eventually end up being sold to the Marriott Corporation for $7 million. But what Californians remember the most about this restaurant is the car hopping experience and all the attractive accessories that derived from the Big Boy name.
A group of antique collectors from Acton have just published the very first price guide devoted to Bob’s Big Boy collectibles. It lists the value of everything from its rare neon signs to some of the first menus ever designed for Bob’s Big Boy restaurants.
“This book is a wonderful guide to all things Bob’s Big Boy,” said Terry Dayton; author of the Bob’s Big Boy Book. “This book will remind you of the wonderful times you had at Bob’s Big Boy when you were growing up.”
Bob’s Big Boy Collectibles and Price Guide can be purchased directly from the author’s website at for just $29.95. It will soon be available on additional book stores and outlets, including