Bob’s Big Boy Collection on Display at Burbank Central Library
October 16th, 2015
Acton, California – Fans of the Bob’s Big Boy restaurant chain were introduced to the Bob’s Big Boy Collectibles and Price Guide back in June. This guide provides collectors and mere admirers with the estimated price value of various collectibles from the famous restaurant chain. Now those who have only seen pictures of these collectibles in the price guide can see them in person at the showcase which is currently being held at the Burbank Central Library.

“We are excited to give people the chance to see these Bob’s Big Boy collectibles in person,” said Terry Dayton who is co-author of the guide. “Everyone will surely love seeing these collectibles as much as we do.”

The showing of these rare Bob’s Big Boy collectibles is going to last from now until the end of November. The “Bob’s Big Boy Collectibles and Price Guide” is still on sale exclusively at for $29.95. The book will help you understand the true value of the items you are looking at when you go to see them in person at the library.

“People should have the book when they go to see the items,” Terry said. “That way they can appreciate the true value of them even more.”